Report in the gardens of Marshal De Lattre's house

Photo report in the gardens of the house of Marshal De Lattre De tassigny in Mouilleron-en-Pareds.

A beautiful series of images of one of the places illustrating one of the emblematic characters of the Vendée.

Photo report of the gardens

I made a photo report of the garden of the De lattre house for the Association des Parcs et Jardins de Vendée. The objective of this park photo report was to show and highlight the place with its specificities.

Professional heritage photographer

You can access the gardens of both houses for free. Surrounded by a pleasure garden, the De Lattre house also has a utility garden which has been completely restored.

garden photographer

It also has an enclosed garden dating from the 19th century, with a venerable century-old magnolia within it. A long arbor of vines allows shaded walks in summer. We also find in this garden, a very beautiful vegetable garden as well as pear trees in espaliers.

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