Interior photographs of the Logis de Chaligny

Realization of photographs of the interior of the Vendée house of Chaligny in Sainte-Pexine.

castle photographer

Photographs of the interior of a Vendée dwelling in Vendée. This beautiful residence is not a castle, but a home, the place of Chaligny has been known since Gallo-Roman times.

The house has remained the same since the 17th century. It is a rare place that represents Renaissance architecture in Bas-Poitou.

Castle interior photographer

This residence is a typical example of the marriage of a castle and a farm. Buildings with a rectangular structure with a large internal courtyard. The interior was to be highlighted and the main objective was to immortalize the quality of the restoration of the whole, while respecting the historic architecture.

heritage photographer

In these buildings, I had to photograph living rooms and bedrooms. These rooms are all completely restored and inhabited. These parts are used in the summer periods, because there is no heating in a large part of the house.

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