Heritage and lifestyle photographer

If you want to promote your park, garden, heritage, castle, mansions, estate, mansion, property, bourgeois residence through a heritage photo report to sublimate and highlight your place, the work of your teams then, do not hesitate to come to me.

I am a professional photographer specializing in shooting parks and gardens since 1988. I have had the pleasure of collaborating on many occasions with companies, regions, cities or associations such as the Association des Parcs et Jardins for illustrate different remarkable places and gardens. Revealing the soul of built or land heritage is one of my specialties and that is why I suggest that you combine my know-how with your project…

Why involve me?

Photographing a castle, a beautiful residence requires a look and a mastery to bring you a result that meets your expectations and that is why I put several decades of experience and expertise at the service of your communication. Listening is the key word of my professional approach, because it will bring me the best understanding of your needs, which will allow me to offer you an adapted and optimized service. Each of my interventions brings the quality and efficiency necessary for the smooth running of the objectives of my clients.

Who needs my work?

All sectors with a park, a garden, a castle, heritage, professionals and individuals can call on me. Some regional or local services also use my photographic reports, as do some press magazines. Contact me and we will discuss it together.

A heritage photo report at what price?

Each intervention is different, each customer request is particular and all the places photographed are unique, which is why I offer you a tailor-made service, adapted to your request and the specificities of your heritage. After an in-depth interview, I offer you an estimate with a price adapted to the time necessary to spend in your park, garden, to photograph your castle, your beautiful residence, exterior and/or interior. I operate throughout France, in Europe or outside Europe. Contact me if you have a project, I will be happy to discuss it with you or your teams.

How does a photo mission work?

In the preamble to each heritage photo report, I will have taken all the time necessary to prepare with you and your teams the smooth running of the photo mission. To fully understand your expectations and photo needs, it is important to devote time in advance to listening and discussing with you, which will allow me to bring you photographs that will highlight your property, the work of your teams. For that, I rely on a strong experience in the field of B2B, corporate photography. Thanks to this experience, I am able to deal with all situations and offer you responsiveness in the service of the smooth running of the photo report. Depending on the situation and your request, I can use ambient light or bring artificial lighting. Professional photographer specializing in heritage photoreportage, I attach particular care to highlighting the key places of your activity, sublimating the work and the professional gestures of your teams.

Whether for photographs of buildings and land, I can also take professional photo portraits of you and/or your employees. Highlighting the professional gestures related to your work, as well as drone shooting, here is what you can expect from my intervention.

All the photographs from the report are then worked on so that the contrast, sharpness, brightness and colors are faithful to reality and do not betray your concern for excellence. All HD images will be sent to you via a download link.

Photos for what purpose?

Calling on a professional photographer specializing in heritage photography can be for a multitude of applications and that is why I am going to give you a non-exhaustive list here.

Website, social networks, commercial brochure, product sheet, advertising campaign, press article, trade show, photo library, online sales, packaging, annual activity report…