Drone photographs of the park of Château l'Auneau

Drone photographs of the park of Château l'Auneau in Saint-Hilaire-le-Vouhis in Vendée.

Located in the middle of the Vendée bocage, in the heart of an agricultural property, the L’Auneau park was planted in 1899 at the same time as the Italian-inspired “Villa-Castel” was being built. The square dwelling blends harmoniously into the site despite its staging. It was designed by a fashionable architect at the time, Joseph Libaudière, author of several castles in the region.

Drone photographer of parks and gardens

This park has several characteristics: it benefits from a belvedere position overlooking the Petit Lay valley. This place offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape in total coherence with its Tuscan style. The park does not suffer from any frills, minimalism is the key word, both for the trees and for the flowers. Except along the wall of the old vegetable garden dressed in English roses, the same along the alley of the fruit tree. We also note the presence of trees characteristic of parks at the end of the 19th century: Himalayan cedar, blue cedar, liquidambar, purple beech, etc.

Landscape photographer by drone

Green benches are arranged on a regular basis, which allows us to see different landscapes that refer to the identity of the region. The Botanical Garden of L’Auneau has been qualified as a “Remarkable Garden” by the Ministry of Culture and of Communications.

The walk in this park-landscape is a permanent dialogue with a still very preserved nature.

The Parc de L’Auneau has been labeled “Remarkable Garden” by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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