The Sénardière park

Park of the old Sénardière castle in Boufféré in the north Vendée. These are the ruins of an ancient renaissance castle from the 14th century.

Castle remains photographer

The Sénardière park is the vestige of an old Renaissance castle dating from the 14th century. The ruins of this ancient castle have been recently restored.

The Sénardière site is made up of two grassed plateaus surrounded by moats 8 meters wide. The first platform has the remains of two partly collapsed towers. The second platform at the top is a remarkable specimen in Vendée from square to island dating from the Renaissance period.

Renaissance chateau photographer

The upper part of the Sénardière park is embellished with an avenue of lime trees with, here and there, single trees including two yews. In place of the castle, a wood grows in its place. The moats have recently been embellished with recently restored Renaissance gardens. There remain on both sides, operating buildings and easements, additional assets, the old stronghold leaves us The old Chapel and the porch.

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