The priory of Saint-Pierre de Réaumur

The priory of Saint-Pierre de Réaumur has a very special garden. Its composition, very atypical, predates the 17th century.

Priory photographer

It is a park with a rectangular vegetable garden in its center, to get there you have to walk along a path lined with hundred-year-old yews.

Vegetable garden photographer

This pleasure vegetable garden is surrounded by raised alleys, also lined with yews. These alleys have many stone benches inviting meditation and contemplation of this calm and soothing environment.

If you want a little light to take pictures in this green place, you have to focus on the middle of the day.

Indeed, if one is present in the morning or in the evening, because of its landlocked location, this vegetable garden is frequently in the shade.

Photographing the priory of Saint-Pierre de Réaumur was a great adventure in two episodes. I thank the owners for their patience and their warm welcome.

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