The medieval garden of Bazoges en Pareds

The medieval garden of Bazoges en Pareds is spread out at the foot of the village keep dating from the 14th century and 30m high. Medieval-inspired, this garden is made up of vegetable, medicinal, aromatic or witchcraft-related plants.

Medieval dungeon photographer

The medieval garden of Bazoges en Pareds is composed in its center of 16 squares of plants. A side meadow, surrounded by rosebushes, serves as the backdrop to the 16th century dovecote.

At the bottom of the garden, the meadow contains different varieties of old fruit trees.

Vegetable garden photographer

Photography in a place like the medieval garden of Bazoges en Pareds requires a minimum of time.

The surface of this vegetable garden is not very large and you can quickly walk around it. This is why it is necessary to take your time to identify the scenes conducive to beautiful images.

You can also climb to the top of the keep to have a bird’s eye view of the medieval garden.

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