The Loriot gardens

The Loriot gardens are located near Roche-sur-Yon. These gardens are made up of different plots of bocage.

Garden photographer

One of the remarkable peculiarities of the Loriot gardens, there are more than 150 varieties of rustic bamboo presented in its gardens around a very beautiful pond.

The inspiration and the atmosphere are very Asian, the walk in its different parts and around the vast body of water is a treat for those who love plenitude and greenery.

Heritage photographer

Another peculiarity of the Loriot gardens are all the varieties of water lilies, about sixty, that are found in eight pools. These water lilies and the atmosphere around the pools retrace the friendship that there was between Claude Monet, Georges Clemenceau and Sacha Guitry.

Moreover, even if there is a large place for greenery in the gardens of Loriot, there are also many colors according to the seasons.

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