Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park is located in close proximity to Canyonlands National Park. It is a small park reaching an altitude of 1,800 meters. You can observe the meanders of the Colorado River 600 meters below.

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Dead Horse Point State Park is near the town of Moab. There is a charge to enter the park, around twenty dollars. There are several lookout points that will allow you to take short hikes and at the end enjoy a remarkable view of the Colorado or across the blue potash pools.

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Dead Horse Point State Park is a park that can be visited in a short day, it is the most beautiful in the morning at sunrise. In the evening, we are backlit if we want to photograph the meanders of the Colorado. Sometimes you can find the park in the snow in winter. There is a strong and rather cold wind, therefore, plan to wear suitable clothing.

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