The Barbinière park

The Barbinière park in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre is a very pretty green place. It stretches along the Nantes river Sèvre, nestled between wet meadows and hillsides.

Landscape photographer

The Barbinière park has several picturesque curiosities to offer walkers such as the starling mill or the remains of an old traffic lane. Very shaded, the park open all year round offers different landscapes depending on the season.

A very beautiful road, the chaussée de Buchet, spanning the Sèvre nantaise, allows you to reach the opposite bank.

River photographer

This photo report of the Barbinière park was made during the construction of the photo library of the Association of Parks and Gardens of Vendée. I walked this huge park in the fall which resulted in a festival of blazing colors as you can see from the photos.

Water is permanently present in this place, which gives very beautiful mirror effects on the images that the park and garden photographer that I am so adores.

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