Le Logis de Chaligny photographed from a drone

The Domaine de Chaligny in Sainte-Pexine in Vendée welcomed me to take several photographs with a drone. The objective was to have a different perspective on the entire Vendée house with these drone photos.

Professional photography with drone

Here is a series of photographs taken of the Logis de Chaligny, taken as part of a service with a drone to highlight the park and garden of the Vendée house.

Professional photos with drone

Photographed in the spring of 2021, the use of professional drone photography reveals the lines of the park, the alignments of the alleys. We discover the lines and architecture of the entire property with a fresh eye. This typically Vendée place with its geometric construction of regular gardens is highlighted in a different way as soon as you gain height using drone photography.

Stéphane GROSSIN, professional photographer, photographed the Chaligny home with a drone.

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