The Château de Nesmy Park

The Parc du Château de Nesmy, a place whose particularity is that it is made up of a hydraulic network, connecting five ponds. Photographing this park was a real pleasure, because it is very interesting to walk.

Indeed, its architecture offers various very interesting points of view.

Photograph of the castle

The estate covers 45 hectares and its lines are the result of the work of André Leroy who designed it in 1842.

This property was built at the time on the remains of the 11th century.

I had the pleasure of photographing this estate on two occasions, one of them in the morning. This period of the day, when it is sunny, offers beautiful colors and wonderful mirror effects with the water pieces.

Photographer of the domain

When you walk through these places, you discover different atmospheres, the first one is made of green alleys, lined with hundred-year-old trees. Then, you can follow a narrow path lined with thick bushes leading to the center of the village.

Finally, the part with the ponds, the one on the edge of the castle is surrounded by a shady path and very green in spring.

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