Ouche Morelle

The Garden of Ouche-Morelle in Saint-Hilaire-du-Bois. It is a garden with multiple facets, different atmospheres.

Garden photographer

Its owner is a British citizen, which explains the British and Frenchy side of the place.

This woman is a painter and like her predecessors, Ouche-Morelle has all the makings of a painter’s garden.

Different gardens are nestled between low dry stone walls.

Photographer of parks

I was able to take pictures of the medieval garden, the peony room, the black garden and the pumpkin patch.

Photographing parks and gardens require not to forget the islands arranged by the owner, because, indeed, there are, in various places, seats, stone benches, conducive to contemplation, meditation, and reflection or simply rest…

There is also a vegetal labyrinth for the adventurous.

Photographing a garden of this type is an exhilarating exercise, but also frustrating because you don’t know where to put the camera, you have to take a step back and first photograph with your eyes to keep the best in the camera.

Which is easier said than done!

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