Photo report of the interior of the Château de la Flocellière

Discover the wonders of the Château de la Flocellière in Vendée through a series of photographs, highlighting its period rooms, the details of its furniture and the magnificent surrounding landscapes.

Medieval castle photographer

Nestled at the top of a hill, the castle offers a breathtaking view of an enchanting landscape made up of woods, meadows, streams and ponds, typical of the Haut Bocage Vendée. The park extending over 15 hectares, which majestically surrounds the castle, offers a variety of striking panoramas. Although the castle rooms are reserved for gite and bed and breakfast guests, you can wander through the medieval ruins which spark the imagination.

Heritage Interior Photographer

The park is divided into five distinct parts, each with its own unique charm. The classic-looking garden-terrace surrounds an old well and features rectangular flowerbeds adorned with carefully pruned yews. The medieval garden, located at the foot of the old feudal walls, is home to a variety of vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants. The bocage park, meanwhile, unfolds in a green valley, rich in springs and streams, where local species such as ash, hazel, oak and chestnut thrive. The romantic park, representing a splendid example of an English park, looks like a veritable arboretum, with a collection of exotic trees. Finally, the Italian garden, with its cascading levels, highlights the majestic facade of the castle in an elegant style.

Photographer of old houses

Within the Romantic Park, prepare to be amazed by the imposing presence of majestic giant sequoias, rising to almost thirty meters in height. Two superb cedars, an araucaria and an extremely rare California Thuja also complete this magical picture. Thuja, from a single strain, has developed into a multitude of branches that take root to form a real enchanted forest. This unusual place will not fail to amaze you and leave you with an unforgettable memory.

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